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Harry Potter cannot wait for his holidays with the dire Dursleys to end.But a small, self-punishing house-elf warns Harry of mortal danger awaiting him at Hogwarts School.Returning to the castle nevertheless, Harry hears a rumour about a chamber of secrets, holding unknown horrors for wizards of Muggle parentage.Now someone is casting spells that paralyse people, making them seem dead and a terrible warning is found painted wall. Harry always turns up in the wrong place on the wrong time.But something much darker has yet to be unleashed.


Mr. Dursley is becoming more and more angry. He is upset because Harry's owl, Hedwig, woke him up during the night, for the third time that week. Harry defends Hedwig, explaining that she is hooting in the middle of the night because she's bored. This explanation only makes Mr. Dursley angrier, and he threatens to lock the owl in the cupboard under the stairs, where he has locked all of the magical items belonging to Harry. Meanwhile, fat Dudley Dursley is eating as much as he possibly can, because his mother is worried that he won't get fed properly when he goes away to boarding school.


A house elf named Dobby has come to warn Harry that he is in grave danger and mustn't return to Hogwarts because, if he does, his life will be at risk. Dobby is in awe of the fact that he is in the presence of Harry Potter, and he is touched by Harry's kindness to him. No one has ever been pleasant to Dobby, and he has never been given any benign attention. When Harry treats Dobby with respect, the house elf is overwhelmed with emotion and exclaims that Harry is one of the greatest wizards ever. As a house elf, Dobby has to remain faithful to the family that owns him; in visiting Harry, Dobby is being punished.


Harry is amazed and delighted to see his friend Ron. What is more surprising is that Ron appears to be floating outside of Harry's upper-floor window. On closer inspection, Harry realizes that Ron is in a magical flying car that is being driven by his twin brothers, Fred and George. They have come to rescue Harry because Ron became worried when he did not get any replies to the letters he had sent to Harry. Ron and his brothers use the car to pull the bars off Harry's window. They then use a hairpin to unlock the cupboard under the stairs and retrieve Harry's belongings. They are about to escape through the window, only to realize they have left Hedwig behind. Harry rescues Hedwig, who has awakened Mr. Dursley with her screeching. Mr. Dursley hammered on the unlocked door and it crashed open.He quickly grabbed Harry by his ankle but Ron, Fred and George seized Harry's arms and pulled as hard as they could.The Weasley's gave a gigantic tug and Harry's leg slid out of Mr. Dursley's grasp.


Harry settles into life with the Weasleys, where he feels completely at home. The Weasley household is completely different from the Dursleys. Whereas the Dursleys are organized, clean and perfectly tidy, the Weasleys live in a state of permanent chaos and disruption. Another difference from Privet Drive is that this is a magical household where mirrors talk and ghouls live in the attic. Harry is made to feel welcome by the Weasleys, with Mr. Weasley asking him lots of questions about living with Muggles. A letter arrives one day from Hogwarts, informing the Weasleys and Harry about start-of-term arrangements. Also enclosed are the booklists for the forthcoming year, and Harry sees that a wizard named Gilderoy Lockhart has written most of the books on the list. A letter also arrives from Hermione, another close friend of Harry and Ron's.The next day,the Weasleys and Harry went to the Flourish and Blotts in Diagon Alley after a few incidents on their way.They met Mr. Malfoy and his son, Draco.Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Weasley were having a cold conversation.Then, Mr. Malfoy reached into Ginny's cauldron and extracted a very old copy of A Beginners Guide To Transfiguration. Mr. Malfoy disgraced the Weasleys about their poor income.There was a thud of metal as Ginny's cauldron went flying, Mr. Weasley has trown him backwards into a bookshelf.After being caught by Hagrid,Mr. Malfoy gave Ginny her book back and left the shop


The morning of the return to school is stressful, with all of the Weasleys and Harry rushing to find everything and get packed. Harry wonders how everyone can possibly fit into Mr. Weasley's car, but Mr. Weasley has placed a spell on the car that makes it much bigger on the inside than it appears to be from outside. Finally, everyone is ready and they leave…only to have to return three times for forgotten items. At last, running extremely late and getting more and more agitated, they were on their way.Their destination is King's Cross Station in London. There is a special platform at King's Cross, known as Platform Nine and Three Quarters, in between Platforms Nine and Ten. This is the Hogwarts platform.Everyone has entered the platform except for Ron and Harry who were chosen to go at last.When it was their turn, they fall with a CRASH!People around them were staring at them.Harry and Ron stood up and picked up their fallen luggage.Ron looked wildly around.They only had ten seconds. They tried to pass through the wall but it remained solid.Now, they had missed the train to Hogwarts.Suddenly, Ron remembered about the flying car parked outside of the station and told Harry about it.They did not have any other choice , so they got into the car and made their way to Hogwarts.In Hogwarts, their car got out of control and hit a thick tree trunk.Ron's wand had snapped almost in two.They were caught by Professor Snape and got detention.


Harry and Ron experience the consequences of their behavior. Ron receives a furious howler from his mother, a magical letter that shouts at him in angry tones that everyone in the Great Hall is able to hear. She is outraged with Ron and Harry, and informs them that Mr. Weasley is now in trouble, too, being investigated by the ministry and in danger of losing his job. This sets a sober tone to the first day of school, with both boys feeling bad about the effect their behavior had on the Weasley family.Gilderoy Lockhart has settled into his role at Hogwarts and is soon telling other people what to do. He tells the Herbology teacher how to repair the Whomping Willow (advice which doesn't impressed her, this being her subject, not his). He teaches Defence Against The Dark Arts.Hermione is very impressed by him which makes Ron feel sick.


Oliver Wood, the Gryffindor Quidditch captain, rudely wakes Harry at the weekend. As he makes his way to Quidditch practice, Colin, who worships Harry and wants to know everything about Quidditch and flying a broomstick, pesters him. His camera remains in his hand at all times, with Colin taking photographs of Harry at every possible opportunity.After a long briefing, the Gryffindor team finally emerges onto the pitch to begin practising, only to find the Slytherin team coming towards them to have their practise.Draco is chosen to be the Slytherin's Seeker.Draco's father bought the latest model of broomsticks for the whole Slytherin team. Hermione, who was very annoyed of his behaviour, yelled at Malfoy.Malfoy called her a Mudblood and this made the Gryffindor's very angry.Ron pulled out his broken wand and shot a spell at Malfoy.The spell backfired and hit Ron instead.Several slugs dribbled out of his mouth. Harry spend the Saturday afternoon, in Lockhart's office doing detention by signing a large pile of photographs for Lockhart's fans.And then he heard something.It was a voice of breath taking, ice-cold venom asking for blood.Harry gave a huge jump. Lockhart was looking at Harry in astonishment when Harry told about that voice to Lockhart.Harry left Lockhart's office and made his way to the dormitory and told Ron about that voice.


The school year is under way, with daily routines established. Madam Pomfrey is kept busy in the sanatorium, treating people with her Pepperup Potion. The winter weather is no deterrent for Oliver Wood, who is determined to win the Quidditch tournament this year; he keeps the Gryffindor team practising despite the bad weather. Harry encounters Nearly Headless Nick, the Gryffindor ghost, on his way back from a late-night practice. Nick is depressed, as his application to join the Headless Hunt has been turned down. He warns Harry not to linger in the corridor as Filch. the caretaker, is in a bad mood and would be even angrier to see the mess created by Harry's muddy footsteps.On Halloween night,Harry,Ron and Hermione went to Nearly Headless Nick's Deathday Party.Moaning Myrtle,a ghost who haunts the girls toilet on the first floor also attended the party.Not willing to stay any longer,Harry,Ron and Hermione thanked Nick and went back.On their way,Harry heard the same cold voice he heard in Lockhart's office.Hermione and Ron looked at Harry suspiciously.They saw something shining on the the wall ahead.'THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS HAS BEEN OPENED.ENEMIES OF THE HEIR,BEWARE'.Mrs.Norris,the caretaker's cat,was hanging by her tail from the torch bracket.At the same time,students were crashing into the passage from both ends.They looked at them bewildly.


Filch arrives at the scene and in his distressed state instantly accuses Harry of the crime. He is about to attack Harry to avenge Mrs. Norris' apparent murder when Dumbledore arrives, accompanied by Professors Snape, McGonagall and Lockhart. They calm the situation, taking the three students and Filch to Lockhart's office. Upon closer inspection, it is discovered that Mrs. Norris isn't dead but petrified, something that can be reversed with a magic potion. Attention is turned to Harry, and his involvement is questioned. Snape questions Harry, Ron and Hermione first, wanting to know why they were absent from the Halloween feast in the Great Hall. Thankfully, their whereabouts can be proved, with hundreds of ghosts at Nick's party able to support the fact that they were in the dungeon and not at the scene.The next day, Hermione asked Professor Binns during her History of Magic class about the chamber of secrets. He told, that Hogwarts was founded over a thousand years ago-by the four greatest witches and wizards .The four school houses are named after them:Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw and Salazar Slytherin.After a few years, a rift begin to grow between Slytherin and the others.Slytherin disliked taking students of Muggle parentage.After an argument between Gryffindor and Slytherin.Slytherin left the school.According to the legend, Slytherin had build a hidden chamber in the castle and sealed it so that none would be able to open it until his own heir arrived at the school.There is a some sort of a monster, which the heir of Slytherin alone can control.Harry ,Ron and Hermione suspect Draco to be the heir of Slytherin. They plan to take the Polyjuice Potion to transforms themselves into someone else and enter the Slytherin common room.


Harry, Ron and Hermione begin their quest to locate the Chamber of Secrets. They trick Lockhart into signing a permission slip to sign a spell book, "Moste Potente Potions," out of the restricted area of the library and continue their research in the toilets haunted by Moaning Myrtle, which they reason is the least likely place to be discovered. The potion they need to make to be transformed into someone else contains a lot of ingredients that are difficult to obtain and prepare, including something from the body of the person they want to be transformed into. Ron isn't keen on ingesting anything that has been taken from the body of Crabbe or Goyle, Draco Malfoy's oafish henchmen, but Hermione persuades him that it's worthwhile. Harry and Ron both have reservations about the Polyjuice Potion.The next Saturday morning, Harry got ready for the Quidditch match between Slytherin and Gryffindor.During the match, a Bludger keep on chasing Harry.It started to rain and Harry was not able to see clearly.The Bludger knocked Harry but he caught the Snitch just in time and fell to the ground.Lockhart came to him and tried fixing his hand.Lockhart had not mended his bones.He had removed them.Harry had to stay overnight in the hospital wing to regrow his bones.Dobby appeared on Harry's bed and told that he blocked the barrier to King's Station and made the Bludger to hurt Harry so that he can go home.A few minutes later, Professor Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall hurried to Madam Pomfrey.They told her that there is another attack.Harry saw Colin Creevey lying on the bed next to him holding his camera,petrified.Dumbledore prised the camera out of Colin's grasp.He prised open the camera and an acrid smell of burn plastic waslet out.


Harry is released from hospital and is disappointed to find that Ron and Hermione aren't there to meet him. He finds them in Moaning Myrtle's toilet, where they are busy preparing the Polyjuice potion. They feel they have no time to waste, after yesterday's performance at the Quidditch match. Firm in the belief that Draco Malfoy is the heir of Slytherin, they are determined to find out the truth. Harry tells them what he has learned in hospital overnight. All three students are worried, a worry that is shared by the rest of the students as news of Colin Creevey spreads and pupils buy charms and talismans to protect themselves.The final ingredients for the Polyjuice potion are gathered during one of Snape's classes. Harry creates a diversion by throwing a firework into Goyle's cauldron.Harry saw Hermione slip quietly out of the door.After a few minutes, Hermione slid back into the dungeon.The next week, a Duelling Club was held in the Great Hall to to train themselves all up in case they need to defend themselves.Professor Lockhart and his assistant, Professor Snape were incharge of the club. During the gathering, Snape and Lockhart moved through the crowd ,matching up partners. Harry was paired up with Malfoy and they were the first to disarm each other. Malfoy raised his wand and shot a spell at Harry and a black snake shot out of the end of his wand.The snake was gliding towards Justin.Harry shouted stupidly at the snake.To his amazement the snake left Justin.Snape waved his wand and the snake vanished.Harry was told by Ron that he is a Parselmouth, which means that he can talk to snake.Hermione told to Harry that being able to talk to snakes was what Salazar Slytherin was famous for.That is why the symbol of Slytherin house is a serpent.The next day, Justin and Nearly Headless Nick was petrified and everyone suspects Harry because he was there during the incident.


During Christmas, Harry, Ron, Hermione,Draco, Goyle and Crabbe stayed at school. After breakfast, Harry and Ron tricked Crabbe and Goyle and hide them in a cupboard.They pulled out Crabbe and Goyle's hair and set off to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom.Hermione was already there.She gave them two glasses filled with the Potion.They added Crabbe and Goyle's hair in different glasses and drank it.A few minutes later,Harry turned into Goyle and Ron turned into Crabbe.Hermione on the other hand did not come out from the toilet.Harry and Ron quickly went to the Slytherin dormitory.They met Malfoy sitting on the sofa.Harry and Ron sat next to him.Malfoy talked bad things about the Weasleys and Colin.Malfoy also told that he is not the heir of Slytherin.Ron saw Harry's scar appearing on his forehead and Harry notice Ron's hair turning red.They left the dormitory and hurried to the bathroom.They changed back into themselves just in time.Hermione still has not come out of the bathroom.Myrtle told them that Hermione's Potion went bad because she turned into a cat.Harry and Ron quickly brought her to the hospital wing.


The discovery a diary leads to new information and clues about the Chamber of Secrets. Ron and Harry find the diary in Moaning Myrtle's toilets when they are returning from visiting Hermione in the hospital wing. The corridor is flooded, so the boys go into the toilets to investigate. Myrtle informs them that someone threw a book at her and it is this book that's blocking the toilet, causing the flooding. The boys retrieve the book and find it is a diary. Disappointingly, it is blank; the only information in the diary is the name of its owner, T. M. Riddle. This name seems vaguely familiar to Harry but he is unable to explain why. Hermione tries to uncover the diary's secrets with various spells when she is released from the hospital, but it does not work.One night, Harry sat in his room and wrote in the diary.To his amazement, the writing dissapeared and came words Harry has never written.Harry wrote back and asked about the Chamber of Secrets.Riddle wrote that he was the person who caught the person who opened the Chamber fifty years ago and the person was expelled.Last time, a girl was found dead in the bathroom. Harry was taken inside Riddle's memory.Harry found out that the person who opened the Chamber last time was Hagrid.After Harry came back, he told Ron about the book.


Harry, Ron and Hermione discuss the possibility that Hagrid is responsible for the recent events related to the Chamber of Secrets. They know that he is fond of dangerous animals, often keeping them as pets, but they also know that Hagrid would never intentionally hurt anyone. They decide not to question him, as nothing untoward has happened at the school for some time. The students are occupied with school issues such as choosing their subjects to study for next year. Hermione signs up for every possible subject but Harry and Ron are less certain of what they want to do and sign up for the same subjects so they can help each other when they get stuck. Harry is also busy practicing for the next Quidditch match; this takes up most of his time.Gryffindor had their next match agaist Hufflepuff.The evening before Saturday's match,Harry's room was found messy and the Riddle's diary was gone.The next day,when Harry,Ron and Hermione were walking down the stairs,Harry heard the same voice.He shouted and Hermione on the other hand went to the library.When the match was about to begin,Professor McGonagall made an announcement and said that the match is cancelled.She brought Harry and Ron to hospital wing.They saw Hermione lying on the bed,petrified.That night, Harry and Ron slipped the Invisibility Cloak on them and huried to Hagrid's house.Hagrid invited them.Hagrid told them to follow the spiders when an incident happens.Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.Harry and Ron put back the Invisibility Cloak.Dumbledore, Cornelius Fudge and Lucius Malfoy were there.Hagrid was asked to go to the Azkaban Prison.


In the absence of Dumbledore, fear spreads quickly through the school. The students are subdued and stay up late at night, discussing events and worrying about the future. Ernie realizes that it can't be Harry, since he would never harm Hermione, and apologizes to him. Someone not affected by recent events is Draco Malfoy, who seems to thrive on the fact that his father forced Dumbledore to resign. He is happy that Dumbledore has gone and suggests to Snape that he become head teacher. His attitude leads some to wonder if he is the heir of Slytherin and responsible for the attacks, as no one from Slytherin has been harmed. Ernie asks Harry if he believes Draco is the culprit, but Harry knows he isn't.Harry still thinks about what Dumbledore said that help will always be given to those who are loyal to him.The next night, Harry and Ron followed the spiders out of the castle into the forest with Fang.Deep in the forest, there was a place where it was full of spiders.An old spider names Aragog knew Hagrid.So they went on asking it about the Chamber.It told that Hagrid was not the one who opened the Chamber.Hagrid took good care of Aragog.When the situation cannot be controlled anymore, Hagrid brought Aragog to the forest.Harry and Ron were about to leave when Aragog called the other spiders. Harry and Ron quickly ran.Then, they saw Mr. Weasley's flying car in the forest. They sat in it and were safe and sound out of the forest with Fang.In their dormitory, Harry told Ron about Morning Myrtle being the girl who died when the Chamber was opened fifty years ago.


This chapter opens with good and bad news for the students at Hogwarts. The bad news is that they have exams in a week's time, something that no one is prepared for because their attention has been focused on the attacks. McGonagall is determined that school life continue as normal, in line with Dumbledore's wishes and is adamant that the exams will take place. The good news is that the mandrakes are nearly mature. When they are mature, they can be used to heal the people who are petrified. The hope is then that they will be able to reveal who attacked them, and it can all be sorted out. Harry and Ron are pleased by the news but Ginny doesn't seem to share their pleasure at the good news and seems troubled.Harry and Ron were caught by Professor McGonagall when they were trying to go to Moaning Myrtle's bathroom.Harry made up a story about visiting Hermione.Then, they have to go to the hospital wing worried that Professor McGonagall will ask Madam Pomfrey.Hermione was still petrified.When Harry saw Hermione's right hand clenched, he tried to opened it.There was a small piece of paper about a Basilisk.After reading the paper, Harry understood that the monster in the Chamber is a serpent and he is able to hear it because he can speak Parselmouth.There was an announcement saying the teachers to gather in the staff room.Harry and Ron quickly went to the staff room and hide in many folds of cloak.Professor McGonagall told that another attack has been done and this time a girl is taken into the Chamber itself and the girl is Ginny Weasley.Ron was shocked. Lockhart was incharge of finding the entrance of the Chamber and finding the monster.After that, Ron and Harry made their way to Lockhart's office and told him about the chamber.He took out his wand and told that he is good at Memory Charms and he took the memory of those who were famous and stole it and made himself famous instead.Harry was too quick for him and shot a spell at him.His wand went flying and Ron caught it.They brought him to Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom and went to a pipe which was scratched with a tiny snake.Harry spoke Parseltongue the sink begin to move.They went in and saw a gigantic snake's skin was lying on the ground.Lockhart grabbed his wand from Ron's hand and shot a spell at him.But the spell backfired because he took Ron's wand instead of his.Great chunks of tunnel ceiling were thundering to the floor.Harry alone went into the Chamber while Ron stood there with Lockhart who has lost his mind.


Harry finds himself in an eerie, dark chamber. Many stone pillars with carved serpents entwined around them support the shadowy ceiling. Harry progresses slowly into the depths of the chamber to look for Ginny. He finds her, lying face down at the foot of a large statue, and is horrified to find she isn't moving, her face deathly pale, and her breathing barely noticeable. To his surprise, Tom Riddle is also in the chamber. He appeals to Tom for help, informing him about the Basilisk and the need to leave the chamber quickly. But Tom is in no hurry to leave, and Harry realizes that there is something strange about him.Tom was holding Harry's wand and he wrote in the air with it that he is Lord Voldemort.He told Harry that now he no longer wants to attack on a Mudblood, but only on Harry.A second later, a bird was singing while flying towards Harry clutching the Sorting Hat.It was Fawkes,Dumbledore's phoenix.Then,Voldemort called the Basilisk and told it to kill Harry.Harry tried to save himself.Fawkes came to the Basilisk and poke its eyes.Harry rammed the hat on his head and felt something heavy knocked his head.It was a sword.Harry took the sword and hilt it into the serpent's mouth.The Basilisk was dead. One long poisonous fang was sinking deeper and deeper into his arm.Harry felt drowsy and fell on the ground.The phoenix tears awakened Harry.Harry took the fang from his body and poked it on the diary.Riddle seemed to be writhing,twisting and then he vanished.Ginny was awake.Harry took Ginny out of the Chamber and called Ron.Ron was happy to see her alive.But there was no way out.Then, Harry grabbed Fawkes tail and everyone followed.They were flying upwards.No sooner they left the Chamber and were back in the bathroom.


Fawkes took them to McGonagall's office. They are prepared for the worst but are warmly welcomed, especially by Mr. and Mrs.. Weasley, who had been worried about Ginny. Harry is pleased to find Dumbledore in the office and proceeds to tell everyone how they worked out what was in the Chamber, how they found it and what happened while they were in it. Ginny is worried that she will be expelled; Dumbledore prevents this by asking how Voldemort enchanted Ginny, so Harry explains the role of the diary.Ginny is sent to the hospital wing to recover, while Dumbledore questions Harry and Ron further. He reminds them about his warning earlier in the year about breaking school rules and being expelled, but he is prepared to forget about it in this case. Instead, he thanked them.Ron was asked to send a letter to Azkaban to release Hagrid while Harry remains in the office.Mr Malfoy entered the office without knocking.Dobby was behind him.Dobby was pointing at the diary then at Mr.Malfoy.Harry understood.When Mr.Malfoy left the office Harry asked the diary from Dumbledore and went running behind Mr.Malfoy.Harry put his socks into the diary and gave it to Mr.Malfoy.He was very angry and threw the diary at Dobby.Dobby caught the diary and opened it.There was a socks in it.Mr. Malfoy was very angry and took out his wand.But Dobby quickly raised its finger and Mr. Malfoy fall back.Dobby thanked Harry.During the year-end feast, Hermione came running into the Great Hall.After a few minutes, Hagrid joined them.It was a beautiful moment.


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